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Gift Card Rebel

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Gift Card Rebel
DateSeptember 5th, 2018
Programming LanguageHTML, JavaScript, and CSS
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, MacOS, and Linux
File TypeHyperText Markup Language (.html,.htm)
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Gift Card Rebel is a scam article that claims users can win free gift cards from their website.

This scam is also promoted with a (popular Youtuber) Giveaways (Pewdiepie, T-Series, Odd1sout, etc.) account direct messaging them that they are choosing random people to give them free gift cards and directing them to this site.


The website asks for personal information and steals the user's money. This website tells users that the user will win gift cards, and then it generates fake codes. After that, it tells the user to take surveys in order to win a $10 BJ's Restaurant Gift Card. After doing certain surveys, the website then says to install Satan King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare that pretends to be a game of the same name, but it instead freezes, hijacks, and even hacks the user's device. They ask the user for email and password.

With this information, the owner of the website then hacks into the user's Google, YouTube, and Facebook accounts, and then the website changes the password to prevent the user from logging back in. A link to this website will sometimes be found in a spam email. The scammer owns and uses many different usernames to trick people into clicking the link to this website.