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Major disclaimer, many things are broken on this wiki right now due to our migration from Fandom. We apologize in advance for all of the broken links and pages and are working to correct this issue.
Welcome to The Malware Wiki!
Welcome to The Malware Wiki, the collaborative, public, free-as-in-beer and free-as-in-software Wiki for information on malware. This can include topics such as viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware and spyware. This wiki is entirely dedicated to studying malware and related topics.
In early 2020, the administrators of the original Malware Wikia were offered a partnership with TCP Direct and VXUG (Virus eXchange UnderGround) to host and improve our content, respectively. A year later, we're still hammering out bugs caused by the move from Wikia, but we're doing better than ever!
To register an account and get started, please join our Discord server (READ THIS before joining,) email us at MalWiki@protonmail.ch, or, failing that, contact Parzival using a method listed on his user page.
We currently have 16,689 pages and 38,900 edits on this wiki.


Discord Staff & Contact Policies
Our Discord server is at https://discord.gg/YMypJSm, please read this before joining. Our administrators are: ParzivalWolfram, LeTesla, alu_pahrata, PhilTheWanderer and our moderators are: Valzentia, Faolan, Vegasfest56 You can also email us at MalWiki@protonmail.ch READ THESE BEFORE CONTRIBUTING.