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Malware Wiki:Discord policy

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This page is a policy on the Malware Wiki. All rules listed on this policy page must be followed, or a block is given to the following user. Due to this page being a Policy page, we advise all users to read this page before editing.

Our affiliate Discord, Computer Hub, is a Discord for talking about computers, technology, and other such things.

To join the Discord, join on the main page then use ?rank Member to gain access.

Discord Policies

When you are in the Discord, you agree to:

  1. To not distribute malware.
  2. To not slander, insult, or harass any members of the server. This includes staff members.
  3. To not spam the server with repeated messages, any attempts to do so may result in a soft ban to clean up.
  4. To not advertise.
  5. To not beg for roles.
  6. To only speak in English.
  7. To keep pornographic content in their respective channels.
  8. To not evade any ban.
  9. To not have a username not typable on a standard United States keyboard.
  10. To not have an inappropiate profile picture.
  11. To not use any alternate accounts.
  12. To not use non-embeded pictures.
  13. To not ping staff for frivolous reasons.

Other Policies

Moderators may enforce their own policies, such as:

  • Common sense. If something that you know will make someone upset, annoyed or angry, do not post it. If you ask the person to stop it and they do, that is fine, but if they do not that will be considered a rule break. This also includes users who come online and "troll".

18+ Channels

The server features channels where pornographic content is allowed, to comply with Discord ToS, you must be eighteen or older to view and post in these channels. If you are eighteen or older, simply ask the administrators or moderators to have the NSFW role. If it is found out you are younger than eighteen, and you have viewed and/or posted in these channels, you will be banned for three days.


Bans can be made by chat mods or administrators in case rules are broken.

  • After the first rule break, a warning must be given.
  • After the first warning and the second rule break, a kick will be given.
  • After the third rule break, a ban of at least 3 days must be given depending on how severe the rule breaking was.
  • After the fourth rule break, the time should be extended. Also, the chat mod may ask an admin about a possible block if they believe it is needed.
  • After the extension, the chat mod who performed it should talk to an administrator and tell them.
  • If the rules have been broken harshly, the moderator may contact an admin and request to extend the time of banning.


A banned person may ask an administrator or chat mod to be unbanned if they believe the ban was not justified. You must state the name of the moderator who banned you and what exactly happened and it is best to provide proof.