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Malware Wiki:Page rating

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This page is a policy on the Malware Wiki. All rules listed on this policy page must be followed, or a block is given to the following user. Due to this page being a Policy page, we advise all users to read this page before editing.

As part of a cleanup of the Wiki, the page rating system is a system in place to rate articles based on quality. There are six page ratings that are usable. All content moderators, content reviewers and administrators must check pages often and give new pages a rating, and give existing pages a rating.

Only content moderators, content reviewers and administrators may give a page a rating. If you create a page, be sure to add the unrated template on the top of the page.

If you want a page to be rated, see this.


High quality

High quality rating is the highest possible rating a page can be given, for a page to be high quality, it must fully follow the Manual of Style and must have a lot of information, and be a very big yet organized page.

A rank

An A article is a very high quality page with a lot of information, but lacks in some organization that prevents it from being a high quality page.

B rank

A B article is an article that is high quality but is small, despite being small, as long as they follow the manual of style they are "complete" but considered a B article.

C rank

A C rank is an article that is big but lacks in organization and also may need to be updated to the manual of style, and may need to be proofread.

D Rank

A D rank is the lowest rank, an article with this rank are small, with outdated information, not up to the manual of style, and may need to be proofread.