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Malware Wiki:Privacy policy

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The Malware Wiki guarantees a high degree of privacy to the end user, though we will not declare full privacy depending on certain circumstances.

  • The Malware Wiki only uses Javascript for the search functionality. This means that the Malware Wiki can be viewed without the usage of JS.
  • The Malware Wiki uses reCaptcha by Google. It is used as spam protection, however, we will not guarantee that this is privacy-friendly. reCaptcha is known to collect IP addresses and browser headers. If for some reason, a user wishes to not use reCaptcha, they may elect to email us and explain their reasoning. A user must either have 100 edits or have a specific reason to not use it in order to qualify to be relinquished of being forced to use reCaptcha.
  • The Malware Wiki guarantees that no third party advertisements will ever be shown to the end user.