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Malware Wiki:Sample Page

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This page is an example page, this is an example of how to format a page.

Note that all pages that contain how to parts about getting the malware to work (Exception of DOS) and dangerous websites that are still online must have the {{NotResponsible}} Template.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our admins. We hope this helps you.

Sample Page for Malware

This guide is for Source Editing Only

Hint: To introduce a new section, type == before the title.

For example "==Example==" (Source Mode Only)

Hint: Most of MalwareInfobox fields are self explanatory, if you are not sure of any field do not fill it in!


 |name = <Malware Common Name>
 |image = <Image>
 |type = <Malware Type>
 |creator = <Creator Name>
 |date = <Month Name> <Date>, <Year>
 |origin = <Place Malware Created>
 |pl = <Programming Language>
 |platform = <Platform>
 |filetype = <File Type>
 |aka = <Malware Full Name>
 |family = <Variant, Version, or Family>
 |fsize = <File Size>
 |size = <Infection Size>
 |cost = <Total Damage Caused>}}

<Malware Full Name> or <Malware Common Name> is a <type> that <details>.

<Malware Common Name> <Full Details>

<Full detail of the malware's payload>

<gallery widths=400>File Name Here</gallery>

<Website Name>, [<Website Link> <Website Link Name>]

Example Preview:

CreatorGodzilla Gamer and Alles Sandro
DateJune 21, 2021
OriginMalware Wiki
Programming LanguageHTML
File Type.HTML
Size2,255,255 bytes
Damage costs$1.20
This box: view  talk  edit

HTML.Malware or Malware [Hint: Start with both technical name and common name, and put bold on both] is a self-replicating worm that spreads through retrievable domain names. It is part of the Malware Wiki family.

[Hint: To do an internal link, put double brackets around the page name. For example CIH]

[Hint: Start with a brief introduction of the virus, but do not spoil the payload]


Hint: To introduce a sub-section, type three = signs instead of two. To make a sub-section of that add four and so on...

When run, the file will look in the computer's Hard Drive for .doc and .docx files and attach a macro to them, which will delete them upon opening.

Spreading Routine

Hint: To add a gray field, simply leave a space at the beginning of the line on Source mode

The virus will spread itself through MS Outlook and retrievable domains.

Subject: Check this out!
Message Body: Check out this epic Flash game, you'll love it!
Attachment: Ex1.html


Hint: Do not state to use a certain antivirus, rather, state to use an antivirus.

To remove the virus from the system, install an antivirus and scan the computer.


Hint: take some screenshots of the malware, then, upload them to the wiki, and add them using a gallery. The syntax for a gallery is:



Hint: To introduce external links, type a single bracket, followed by the URL and then the display text.
For example: [ http://www.google.co.uk Google] will appear as Google.


Sample Page for software

Some pages, are software pages, either antivirus or some other kind of protection. Here is how to properly format one:

{{Infobox Software
          |name= (software name)
          |logo= (software logo (image must be uploaded to the wiki))
          |image= (software image (image must be uploaded to the wiki))
          |caption= (image caption)
          |author= (person who made the software)
          |developer= (company/team who made the software)
          |latestreleaseversion_date= (current version of software)
          |programlanguage= (programming language software was made in)
          |os= (operating system(s) software is available in)
          |language= (langauge(s) software is available in)
          |status= (if the software is still alive, or if it was discontinued)
          |type= (the type of software ex. antivirus)
          |license= (license type of the software)
          |url= (website/download page for the software)

(software name) is a (the type of software ex. antivirus) that (details).



Developed ByWikia
Latest Release1.3.5
Programming LanguageC++
This box: view  talk  edit

Antivirus Is a German-based antivirus made by Wikia. [hint: Start with name, then, detail where the software was made in, and what company/person made it.]

Hint: To do an internal link, put double brackets around the page name. For example CIH.

Hint: Start with the details of the software, starting with functions.


Hint: Use small headers to section each function


The firewall protects the user [hint: use "the user" not "you"] from certain websites, so only trusted websites can be accessed. Ex. Google.

Safe mode with protection

If the user gets a dangerous virus, the user can reboot into Safe mode with protection, so the user is protected and can easily get rid of the virus.


Hint: take some screenshots of the software, then, upload them to the wiki, and add them using a gallery. The syntax for a gallery is: