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Malware Wiki:Sourcing Policy

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This page is a policy on the Malware Wiki. All rules listed on this policy page must be followed, or a block is given to the following user. Due to this page being a Policy page, we advise all users to read this page before editing.

This page is a policy for sourcing and references. We advise users to read this before adding sources for information on pages.


  • Firstly, use only reliable sources. For instance: reliable, accurate Wikipedia articles. Or other sources, such as information from sites that are reliable. We want this Wiki to have very accurate information.
  • Link to the source you got the information from. First, make a "References" heading, then, link the page(s) you got the information from. This acts as a "crediting list", so to speak, to avoid plagiarism.
  • If the page you're sourcing from requires permission to reuse information, be sure to seek permission first. We don't want to create trouble here.
  • When you use content from Wikipedia, you must go to Source Editor, and type in {{Wikipedia|(Wikipedia Page)}}