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Malware Wiki:Staff

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This is a list of current staff on this Wiki.

For a more technical list, see here.

Look here for information about user rights.


Please note the founder is no longer active, and the link to his profile here is only being kept for historical reasons.

Name Rights Activity
AndrewCrogonk Founder Inactive


Name Rights Activity
LeTesla Owner, Discord Server Owner Active
Godzilla Gamer Bureaucrat Inactive
Alles Sandro Administrator, Bureaucrat Inactive


Name Rights Activity
ByteDaemon Admininstrator Active
TheMaster001 Administrator Inactive
Vegasfest56 Administrator Active


Name Rights Activity
ARM123 Content Moderator Semi-Active
Alupahrata Content Moderator, Discord Server Administrator Active
BF10 Discussions Moderator, Chat Moderator, Rollback Inactive
Parzival Wolfram Content Moderator Active
PinguWii Content Moderator Inactive
Qqwe22 Moderator Active
Satsuki8th Content Moderator Inactive
SnowPho Content Moderator, Discord Server Administrator Active
Trascend Content Moderator Inactive
WeepinnWillow Content Moderator, Discord Server Administrator Active


Name Rights Activity
TeslaBot Bot Inactive
Master001bot Bot Inactive
SnowPhoBot Bot Inactive
CooteBot Bot Inactive
Alt-Bot Bot Inactive

Demoted Staff

Name Former Rights Activity
PokeGlitch483 Administrator, Bureaucrat Inactive
RetroGameFan9000 Administrator, Bureaucrat Inactive
Wendy-Testaburger Administrator Inactive