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Welcome to the Malware Wiki! This is the best wiki for information on malware. This Wiki currently has two active administrators, LeTesla and Vegasfest56. For a more complete list of administrators and moderators, see this list.

This Wiki has a Manual of Style, and a set of five Polices, Site Policy, Chat policy, Deletion Policy, Sourcing Policy, and Editing Policy. There is also a basic list of rules. All of these polices and rules must be followed, no exceptions. All users must read them before editing, and if a user breaks a rule in one of the policies, they would first be warned, then if they do it again, then they will get blocked. However, if a user vandalises a page, they will get an infinite block without warning. So if you even think about vandalising a page here, consider this your only warning.

Users are meant to help the Wiki, not to be destructive in one. If there is a problem, please leave a message on an admin's wall. If a page needs to be proofread or cleaned up, please contact one of our Content Moderators, or Rollbackers. Unless if you want to do this work yourself. Discussion Moderators here have their main jobs watching over the forums. A Discussion Moderator can warn for harassment that was on a forum, or a thread, or even a message on a Message Wall. A Chat Moderator here is meant to watch over the chat, if there is any problems in chat, remember to take a screenshot and send it to a Chat Moderator here, if there are any currently on this Wiki. Rollbackers are considered to be the smallest of the ranks, their main job is to simply undo bad-faith edits, however, they get the power to revert the edit to an earlier form, more earlier than a simple undo. Content Moderators can rollback edits, edit protected articles/pages and protect articles, they are in control of pages. A content moderator is meant to moderate content, protect articles and stop vandalism, and a content reviewer gives pages rankings from D to A.