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DateNovember 27th, 1999
PlatformMicrosoft Windows
File TypeWin32 PE executable (.EXE)
Alias(es)Email-Worm.Win32.MyPics.a(Kaspersky) Worm:Win32/Mypics.A@mm(Microsoft)
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MyPics is an extremely harmful Microsoft Windows 9x worm that wipes the user's CMOS memory.


The file looks innocent, and upon execution, nothing noticeable happens. However, a file called Pics4You.exe is dropped into the user's C:\ drive. It does nothing until January 1, 2000, where it activates its destructive payload. Once the user restarts, they will discover the C: disk is formatted and the CMOS checksums are now invalid. The CMOS destruction is similar to CMOSDead's and Magistr's destruction.


File:MyPics Windows Worm
MyPics: Video by Danooct1