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Norton AntiVirus

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 <title source="name">
   <default>Norton AntiVirus</default>
 <image source="image">

</image> <label>Author</label> <label>Developed by</label> <label>Latest Release</label> <label>Program Language</label> <label>OS</label> <label>Cost</label> <label>Language</label> <label>Status</label> <label>Type</label> <label>License</label> <label>Website</label> </infobox> Norton AntiVirus (NAV) it is a famous antivirus developed by Symantec Corporation, with a focus on providing malware and exploit protection. It is available for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It was made on September 12, 2006. It is sometimes preinstalled on first use computers, similarly to McAfee. Norton always monitors the user's computer when the computer is turned on. It advises the user's browsing, making their browsing safer, it can find files inside the programs they install. It knows if a program they installed is a trojan, being a very useful tool when avoiding viruses, wormsSpyware and such.


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