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Malware Wiki:Sample Page

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Name of Virus
Type Virus type
Creator Creator
Date Date Create/Found
Origin Country of Origin
Programming Language Programming Language
Platform Operating System.
Filetype Filetype
Alias(es) Aliases
Impact General start/stop date of infection.
Size Total Infection Size/Spread
Damage costs Total Economic Cost
MD5 MD5 Hash
SHA1 SHA1 Hash
CRC32 CRC32 Hash
SHA256 SHA256 Hash
SSDEEP ssdeep Hash
Authentihash Authentihash
IMPhash IMPHash
Vhash ssdeep Hash

This is a sample page. To the right, is an infobox which should be used when creating an article dedicated to malware. This section should be dedicated to basic info and background of the malware or virus in question such as basic history, and basic virus functions.


This is the section dedicated to Payloads, or other functions malware may conduct when operating. This can range from annoying functions such as random popups to destructive payloads that can wipe user data.


This is a subtopic of payloads, subtopics can be used to denote things of importance, like other versions of a virus, or specific versions of a virus meant for specific functions.


This is where images and videos are located.


This is where a user should place third party refrences that users can refer to for further information about a given virus.