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Solar Sunrise

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CreatorMac and Stimpy

Solar Sunrise was a dangerous virus that ran on Solaris, one of the few known viruses on the operating system. It was active in 1998. This virus had caused millions in damage and had manage to take control of 500+ military computers. This is the one of the only recorded viruses for Oracle's operating system, Solaris, which is not very well known other than for one incident.


Using a computer virus, hackers in 1998 penetrated and took control of over 500 computer systems that belonged to the army, government and private sector of the United States. They also inserted malware into the computers. The whole situation was dubbed "Solar Sunrise" after the popular vulnerabilities in computers that ran on operating systems called SunSolaris. Initially, it was believed that the attacks were planned by operators in Iraq. It was later revealed that the incidents represented the work of two American teenagers from California. After the attacks, the defense department took drastic actions to prevent further incidents of this kind.