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Hello , you can refer to me as Byte, Dae, Daemon or Byter. I visit this website during home and school hours (mainly during school and rarely at home), so that would be a reason for different IP addresses at times.

If you have something to talk about, you can always contact me on my talk page (take note that I won't respond to joke messages). I have a discord (ByteDaemon#7991), but I'm not very active there and I probably will not be on there unless you ask me to. I also have a [Gamejolt] profile.

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I myself am nowhere near a pro at coding. (I'm going through very basic HTML/CSS), though I am not uneducated. Computer viruses and malware simply pique my interest and I would wish to learn more about them. I do know the basics of how malware/antiviruses/etc works and more than just a beginner, but I cannot say I know every little thing about it.

For fact, I do enjoy memes.

Favourite Pages

One of my favourite pages/people is Gigabyte. She had no intent to cause harm during the days she created viruses, as some were more for humor and others were showing flaws and vulnerabilities. More virus creators should be like her, not to be powered by greed, but to be powered by fun and with the intention to help. It may be surprising that there are pages off of people here, but I believe it is a good thing to be aware of malware creators.

Another of my favourites is Dynostopia. I never thought that Steam of all websites could be tricked into distributing malware. Then again, there are always flaws to be fixed in everything, Valve is no execption to that. I personally am not an extreme gamer, but imagining someone just skimming through Greenlight games (well, it's closed now, but you get the point) and downloading games to play on their personal computer, then one of the games just decides to competely erase everything on their computer once the file is run. All that save data? Gone.