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Image Indicaciones.png
Type Worm
Creator Ismael
Date 28 October (My birthday)
Origin Costa Rica
Programming Language C++
Platform Windows
Filetype .exe
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Welcome to my profile.

Hello i´m Ismael and i´m from Costa Rica, i really enjoy the malware, you can communicate with me. I´m a content moderator so if someone do vandalism in a wiki page you can contact me. I can´t say so much about me for various reasons, but i want to say than i´m not english, i´m actually spanish person. Ah!, and use Google Maps to know where Costa Rica is.

Well, i really like some videogames like Paper Mario (Finalized the 64 version, playing the Gamecube version), i like Terraria too and some other Steam games. I don´t know so many things about programming so please, "DON´T ASK ME ABOUT PROGRAMMING"...

So hope we become friends and remember if you are good with everyone you are welcome on this Wiki!.