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You Are An Idiot

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You Are An Idiot
The You Are An Idiot threat attacking a user on Whistler Server.
CreatorAndrew Regner first version
ComputerVirusWatch second version
OriginSan Antonio, Texas
United Kingdom
Programming LanguageHTML
PlatformMicrosoft Windows
File TypeHTML webpage (.HTM, .HTML)
JScript (.JS)
Impact100,000 Computers
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You Are An Idiot, also known as Offiz (according to Kaspersky) and Trojan:JS/NoBrain is a trojan website and a successor of Joke:Win32.Idiot. However, this malware will not delete any files, The site tries to act like a fork bomb. Today, the fork bomb payload does not reach out in the wild as it did in the past due to the JavaScript code that lead the windows to bounce around the screen is removed

The new domain for the website is youareanidiot.org, created in 2004 by Andrew Regner. The animation comes from youdontknowwhoiam.com in 2002.


You Are An Idiot is a site that displays an animated file featuring 3 smiley face on a strobe background and a text stating that: "you are an idiot!", followed by a choirs singing "You are an idiot! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha", Note that the exclamation point is small enough that it is barely visible without zooming in, the website is displayed like this:

you are an idiot!
☺ ☺ ☺


The website has multiple variants, including the fan-made ones.

You Are An Idiot

You Are An Idiot was the original and first version of the virus. When opened and closes the browser, the site will spawn 6 additional windows to make the choirs loudly sings: "YOU ARE AN IDIOT" to the user, if they managed to close one, the browser will duplicate.

Trying to open Task Manager or close one using Alt+F4 doesn't work, instead, it displayed a dialogue box stating that the user is "an idiot!", and clicking OK or the x button closes the window, if the user is smart enough to know that restarting their computer actually works or using Task Manager before the payload comes.

In the newer version, yes, of course, the website only displays an animated file and the payload was removed, When trying to access the older version in Wayback Machine, there is a small chance that can duplicate the browser and a large chance that can only spawned 1 window, since major browsers like Google Chrome can easily block the pop-ups away.

You Are An Idiot 2

The unofficial sequel to the "trojan" created by Computer Virus Watch in 2013, the objective of this threat is to demonstrate how the original malware exploits vulnerabilities in the system, The threat's code was removed from the website on the same period, but was later recreated and modified in two different websites and it is now a cross-platform.


YouAreAnIdiot.cc is an attempt recreation of the website created by EnderManch, As mentioned earlier, since Major browsers has good protections, they can easily deal with the pop-ups, it was later parked.